Radio Link is now OFF-AIR

Radio Link (Derby Hospital Broadcasting) was formed as a UK Registered Charity by its unpaid volunteers in 1974, to entertain to the patients of the Derby Hospitals.

Radio Link comforted the patients, by broadcasting a wide range of daily entertainment, with programmes centred around the patients own Music Requests. Extensive coverage of local Sport, News, and other local features were incorporated into the programmes, to keep patients informed and entertained.
Visiting Patients on the wards

To support and publicise the Charity, the members also had pride in their fundraising events and sponsorship, raising over £6000 every year to finance the purchase and operation of the radio station's studio equipment and its extensive music library.
Radio Link assisted the local community, by providing organisations, and companies, with Public Address Systems for Fetes and Carnivals, and Recording and Voiceover Services. Our members also gave Talks and Slide Shows about their charity work.

Please Note: Radio Link is now off-the-air, and the charity is not active
(as we've been unable to find alternative accommodation following the development of the hospitals).

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